Packing Materials for Storage from Bedfordshire Storage

When storing your belongings, it’s important to make sure that they are packed as efficiently and safely as possible. Using the correct removal boxes/materials is half the battle of achieving a successful, stress-free, and organised storage area. Bedfordshire Storage offers a comprehensive range of packing materials for self-packing. All of our packing materials are of very high quality and we believe our prices to be extremely competitive even against online companies.

For more information on our packing materials range and prices feel free to contact us anytime on (01234) 889020.

Storage Boxes in Bedfordshire

Storage Boxes/Materials Price List

The following items can be purchased directly from Bedfordshire Storage and delivered directly to your door. Bedfordshire Storage can sometimes also offer used boxes at a discounted price. Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

Small Box

18X12X12 125KTBC 360 PLT VARI DEPTH 6,9″
£2.50 each

Bubble Wrap (Xtra Large Roll)

SMALL BUBBLE 1500 X 100M (1 X 1500)
PACK 1 X 1500

Medium Box

18 X 18 X 20″ 150KTBC PTD ARROWS 90p/plt
£3.00 each

Bubble Wrap (Large Roll)

SMALL BUBBLE 500 X 100M (1 X 500)
PACK1  X 500

Large Box

18 X 18 X 30″ 125KTDW GLUED
£3.50 each

Removal (NOT PARCEL!) Tape

£2.00 Per Roll

Wardrobe Cartons

508 X 457 X 1220 (150K/150BC) D/W  W/S
£7.50 each

Box Size Guide

Different boxes are best suited to different types of items. It can be tempting to just buy large boxes and try to fill them to the brim, but this can be dangerous as they can very easily be too heavy to lift. Here’s a handy guide to help you decide what to pack in which kind of box. It can also help you decide how many of each box you need.

A basic list of items you’ll need is:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Wrapping sheets or newspapers
  • A small knife and scissors
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent marker or labelling stickers

Small Storage Boxes

Smaller boxes are for heavy, small items. This can include things like books, bottles, toiletries etc. Even if you have a small library worth of books, you should only use small boxes for them otherwise they’ll become too heavy to lift and can cause injury. Fragile items like ornaments should be well protected and packed in small boxes.

  • Books should be packed flat where possible, otherwise with the spine facing downwards to as to not damage the book.
  • Bottles should be tightly closed and packed upright to avoid leakage.
  • Long stem glasses such as wine glasses or champagne flutes should also be packed in small boxes as they are easily breakable.
  • Label all boxes that contain fragile items and also label them with which way up they need to be, to ensure breakages are kept to a minimum.
  • If your heavy pots and pans don’t fit inside each other, utilise that space for other small items.

Medium Storage Boxes

The most commonly used size box is the medium box. It can hold a lot of stuff without being too bulky to move.

  • China plates should be split between a few boxes, as too many in one box can cause it to be too heavy. Ensure that you properly protect the plates using paper between each.
  • Plates should be packed on their side. This is because the edge of plates can be stronger than the middle, and so with enough padding around the plates, packing them on their sides rather than stacked flat means that they shouldn’t break.
  • Use soft furnishings or toys to take up any extra space at the top of the box – this also serves as extra protection.

Large Storage Boxes

Large boxes are used for lighter bulkier objects such as clothing, bedding, cushions etc.

  • If using a large box for bulky and heavy items, make sure that you pad it out using lighter ones.
  • Consider if the item even needs to be in a box or if it can be moved separately.
  • Ensure that you wash all linens before packing so as to avoid any unpleasantness whilst your items are being stored.

General Tips for Storage Boxes

  • Make sure that you keep any medications or other essentials on your person or in an easily identifiable box to ensure that you have access to them when needed.
  • Do not overfill the boxes; keep them square and in shape.
  • Ensure everything breakable is well protected, either with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or even newspaper.
  • Don’t seal the boxes as you go – you never know when you’ll find something that belongs in a box you’ve already closed. This is how you end up with a million boxes labelled ‘miscellaneous’.
  • Label your boxes as you go along – this means when you go to take the items out of storage, you’ll know exactly where everything is.
  • Label them on both the top and the sides to ensure that no matter how the box is stored you can still see what’s inside.
  • Check that your contents insurance will cover damage and breakages during the move.
  • Fill any gaps with packing peanuts or newspaper, to ensure that nothing moves in transit.
  • Make sure that you don’t accidentally pack any perishable items in your boxes as they cannot be stored in our storage units

Packing Service

Here at Bedfordshire Storage, we also offer a packing service in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. If you need packing in Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire or Northamptonshire we are the solution.

Whether you’re packing to move home or just packing a few things to go into storage, we know that the actual packing is the most time consuming and stressful aspect. At

Bedfordshire Storage, we only use the highest quality packing materials to ensure that all your belongings are safe and secure.

We offer full home packing services in Bedfordshire, as well as a part packing service where you tell us exactly what needs packing and then sit back and relax while we take care of it. Regardless of whether you need a whole house moving to storage or just a selection of items, we work efficiently and professionally to ensure that your packing experience is as stress-free as possible. As well as packing all your belongings we also offer a dismantling service to enable you to get the most space out of your storage unit.

Additionally, we can arrange transportation and unloading of your items into your storage unit, should you want to keep things simple by having one company take care of everything. Bedfordshire Storage work with removals companies on a daily basis. So if you don’t fancy hiring a van and lugging everything yourself we can recommend someone to help. Feel free to ask us for recommendations of removals companies. They’ll load everything into their own van and move it into your unit. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.